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AYU Cold Process Soap - The Healer - Neem & Tulsi

AYU Cold Process Soap - The Healer - Neem & Tulsi

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A devotional clearing for skin and mind. Invite ceremony into your bathing ritual with a protective blend of neem, tea tree oil, calendula and tulsi to detoxify and revive.  Rich in vitamin K and antimicrobial properties, this herbal polisher calms irritation, reduces inflammation and gently repairs.

Each bar is infused with an emollient super blend featuring shea butter, vitamin E,   wheatgerm oil, aloe vera leaf, mulberry leaf and liquorice root. Hand-crafted using atraditional cold-process method to preserve the natural potency of plant, herb andflower extracts.

Scent Profile - Herbal Fresh

Properties - Clearing Calming Detoxifying

Dosha - Pitta Kapha

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