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Imbibe Collagen Eyes

Imbibe Collagen Eyes

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The future of skincare is Collagen Eyes Lifting Concentrate. This biomimetic formula transcends the ordinary realms of skincare, defying the visible signs of ageing with unparalleled efficacy. This is the seed of youth scientifically formulated to deliver a facelift in a jar.

Collagen Eyes Lifting Concentrate is a 360-degree approach to revitalizing even the most tired, puffy eyes. Through a next-generation combination of intense hydration, nourishing fatty acids, and clinically proven collagen peptides, this concentrate actively targets and diminishes wrinkle depth while infusing a radiant brightness into your skin.


Collagen Eyes Lifting Concentrate is your broad-spectrum seed of youth. Targeting volume loss and wrinkles, Collagen Eyes Lifting Concentrate works outside the parameters of standard skin care to surge cells with intense hydration, nourishing fatty acids and clinically proven collagen peptides to actively target wrinkle depth reduction and brightness to the skin

Recharge bright, fresh, lifted eyes with activated plant-based collagen peptides which have a 100% clean retinol and retinoic acid-like activity, stimulating collagen production in the skin. Rich hyaluronic acids and the potency of all-natural bakuchiol – the clean retinol alternative – breathe life into even the most tired skin. High-powered multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acids mobilise hydration within the skin matrix to lift and fill fine lines whilst clinically plumping and hydrating this delicate skin whilst imparting a brightening effect.


Saying goodbye to synthetics, Collagen Eyes Lifting Concentrate acts as a face lift in-a-jar for smooth, bright, lifted skin that transforms ageing eyes. Multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acids create hydrating synergy with activated hibiscus, macadamia, chamomile and jojoba oils to penetrate the skin barrier, surge cells with hydration and clinically proven skin bounce.

Calendula, willow bark, and honeysuckle saturate cells with powerful anti-inflammatory, skin healing properties to target puffiness and dark under-eye discolouration while high-powered, clean retinol alternatives from bakuchiol and moth bean extract activate cellular renewal to plump and fill fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. Activated vegan collagen peptides stimulate ongoing collagen production and elastin revival by mimicking youthful cellular regeneration for clinically lifted, bright, effortless eyes.

Made in Byron Bay, Australia


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