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Mullum Minerals



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Mullum Minerals MgC12 Mist is as pure as it gets baby!

A consciously crafted miracle mist that heros an incredibly efficient mineral that is absolutely essential to your daily wellness ritual.

Your gateway to creating an optimal state of being. 

The key to maintaining vital life force energy. Optimum magnesium levels can help you sleep better, reduce anxiety and stress, manage pain, and reconnect you with your MIND ~ BODY ~ FLOW.

Mullum Minerals are dedicated to sourcing the purest ingredients to aid your wellness journey.

Our Zechstein Magnesium Oil is harvested from deep beneath the earths surface, from a deposit left over from the now dried up, mineral rich Zechstein Sea is known world wide for its purity and quality. Hidden beneath the Earth's surface for over 250,000 years this magnesium is free from all environmental pollutants and is officially the cleanest and purest magnesium in the world. 

All hail a supple body and flowing mind.

Ingredients - 100% Pure Zechstein MgC12

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