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Mullum Minerals

MgC12 Soak

MgC12 Soak

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Our 100% Pure harvested Zechstein MgC12 is perfect for melting away the tensions of day-to-day life. 

Be it in your bath, or a foot soak, Our MgC12 Soak is the perfect amount of magnesium to take you to that space of total mind~body relaxation - giving your cells the ultimate chance for rejuvenation. 

340gms of pure Zechtein Magnesium flakes to unwind your mind, Soothe those sore muscles and replenish your Vital Life Force ~ We suggest keeping a bag of flakes handy at all times, so when you have one of those days (and we all have them) you're armed with the mineral medicine your body is likely craving to bring it back to the space of flow. 

Packaged in carbon negative Sugaflex ~ Renewable plant materials.

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