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Mukti Daily Moisturiser with Sunscreen 50ml

Mukti Daily Moisturiser with Sunscreen 50ml

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A daily moisturiser with a certified organic base that performs as a broad-spectrum sunscreen and primer. This fragrance-free sunscreen is ideal for all skin types including sensitive and works to minimise redness and balance skin tone.

We use a high quality, mineral, non-nano, micronised Zinc Oxide (20%) to provide effective broad-spectrum sunblock against skin-damaging UVA and UVB solar rays. Zinc Oxide-based formulations are the safest options because they exclude potentially dangerous chemical agents present in most mainstream formulations that break down in the presence of UV and generate their own free radicals.

Our Daily Moisturiser is fortified with antioxidants and botanical extracts for enhanced protection. It preps and smooths the skin prior to applying makeup, giving the complexion a perfectly matte, naturally luminous, and flawless finish.

For optimal sun protection, we recommend re-applying every 2 hours if you are outside.


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