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Mullum Minerals



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Mullum Minerals MgC12 Balm with pure Zechstein Magnesium Oil will leave your body feeling mineral rich and hydrated. This incredibly indulgent balm is hand crafted with the most beautifully pure ingredients ~ Hydrating Aloe Vera Butter, Cold pressed Sunflower Oil and Organic Golden Jojoba Oil aid in carrying pure, sustainably harvested Zechstein Magnesium straight to the areas you need it most ~ ensuring youfeel nurtured inside and out.

Our Balm delivers 102mg per 1ml of formula (approx 1 pump) making it one of the most potent Magnesium Balms on the market. 

The MgC12 Balm is our Go-to when we are feeling like we need a little bit of extra love...   Perfect for those times you're wanting to relieve some of that tension with a cheeky 5min massage or when your skin is crying out for a little bit of extra nourishment.

We particularly love the balm for its gentle touch on the skin. It’s an excellent choice for any new to the world of magnesium, offering a gentle way to introduce mineral therapy into your daily self care routine. We also recommend the balm for children and those with more sensitive skin types because we all know that magnesium tingle can be an interesting sensation to integrate. 

We’ve crafted this recipe with the utmost care, aligning with our commitment to Mother Nature. We use only the highest quality organic, cold-pressed ingredients, and you’ll be pleased to know it’s Palm Oil FREE. Our dedication to muma earth also extends to our packaging ~ Every bottle is 100% recycled and locally made right here in the Northern Rivers, utilizing plastics from your yellow bins.

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