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Mullum Minerals



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Our Revitalising MgC12 Exfoliant is a dream for restoring both inner and outer glow.

Cleanse, purify and exfoliate your skin with eco harvested Atlantic Sea Salt. The exfoliant action of the sea-salt opens the pores for a deeper delivery of our premium grade Zechstein magnesium oil. The lush mask like qualities of this product leave your skin glowing and your body magnesium rich.

Perfect for those looking to up their magnesium levels and tend to tired skin. Our premium grade Zechstein Magnesium Exfoliant intensifies your magnesium ritual to a level that will teleport your mind and body to ultimate levels of flow, leaving you looking and feeling fresh and revitalised.

Our Zechstein Magnesium Oil is harvested from deep beneath the earths surface, from a deposit left over from the now dried up, mineral rich Zechstein Sea is known world wide for its purity and quality. Hidden beneath the Earth's surface for over 250,000 years this magnesium is free from all environmental pollutants and is officially the cleanest and purest magnesium in the world.

We leave all of our products unscented. As we are all about the Purity, strength and quality of the magnesium being the main hero of our products. However, if you have a favourite essential oil we recommend adding a few drops to the exfoliant bottle. Just shake and use and let your senses open with this addition. 


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